A Delusion Report: H. A. Goodman


A Photograph of H. A. Goodman latched comfortably to Bernie Sanders

Sometimes one comes across people who are in the wrong business. Occasionally it is so obvious that one is not entirely sure how they do not see this themselves. Luckily for many of these sorts of people, delusion is often at hand to stroke their egos and strike them blind when confronted with their proverbial ‘swing-and-a-miss’ predictions and proclamations. One of these people whom I have taken notice of lately is H.A. Goodman. Goodman is a Bernie-bot who is so slovenly devoted that he has transformed into one of those feeder fish who suctions onto the underbelly of a shark for shelter and sustenance. The problem with being one of these underbelly feeders is that your success depends almost entirely on the success of the host. Thus, the parasitic fish in question, while writing on the bastions of journalistic excellence known asThe Huffington Post and Salon, paints a picture in which his shark is the baddest and most unstoppable creature in the sea. It would almost be sad if it wasn’t so damn entertaining.

If one goes to Mr. Goodman’s website, they are greeted by a Bernie Sanders backdrop and all sorts of propaganda videos explaining how Bernie is the inevitable nominee. The titles of his articles had me snickering for a good spell. Take this one for example: “The FBI’s Investigation of Clinton’s Emails Makes Bernie Sanders the True Democratic Front-Runner”. The irony here is that the head of the FBI is a Republican. Yes, I do think that Hillary likely mishandled classified information, but the bombastic nature of these “revelations” are pure politicking. Also, notice how Goodman throws in the term “true”. Bernie has not been doing so well in the polls, so Goodman undermines this reality by supplying his own reality in which some kind of moral superiority makes Bernie more truly ahead in the race to the presidency. The crazy thing here is that Goodman is doing just what Bernie supporters hate. He is ignoring the voters (Who have given Mrs Clinton more victories in caucuses and early voting) and choosing his own narrative of who should have the nomination. It would be an entirely different story if Sanders were ahead in the polls but he simply isn’t.

As far as delusion goes, that first example was actually a bit more nuanced than the vast majority of his claims. He is a prime example of the radical jackals eating their own. For example: “Bernie Sanders Has Earned His Success. Hillary Clinton Embodies White Privilege”. In that same vein we have Goodman calling in his token black pro-Bernie intelligentsia: “Ta-Nehisi Coates, Harry Belafonte, Cornel West, Danny Glover, and Ben Jealous Are Voting for Bernie Sanders”. Thank goodness we have the white savior H.A. Goodman to collate all the African Americans voting for Bernie in one convenient place. If Romney had “Binders full of women”, then Goodman certainly has his own binder full of black people. If you see no problems there, then the accuracy of Goodman’s claims may show his credibility (or lack therof). The man is practically Babe Ruth when it comes to calling Home Runs: “Bernie Sanders Will Dominate Super Tuesday and Defeat Clinton in Southern States” and “Bernie Sanders Will Win Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada and South Carolina. Here’s Why.”

-Laughter Intermission-

Here is the fundamental problem with political writers like H.A.Goodman. He is not an independent thinker. He is latched tightly to Bernie’s underbelly and unable to extract himself. He is a cheerleader, unable to differentiate between his own enthusiasm for a politician’s victory and real momentum. He has tied so much of his own political desires in with Sanders’ victories that he will call them even when it is ridiculous. He has designed his own system of rationality around the inevitability and utter righteousness of Bernie Sanders, and it will all be the fault of “the establishment” rigging debates and pulling “fast-ones” when Sanders inevitably loses. This is what makes the frenzied Trump supporters and frenzied Sanders supporters so similar. The only major difference is that Trump has actually been voted by a majority plurality the frontrunner in his primary.

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