The Cynic’s Corner #1


My new format for posting on The Feral Yawp will take the vague outline of a rambling rant on the recent events in politics and culture. Due to my [mental] inability to write out a concise post related to one topic I have decided to eschew the format of my former posts and just put down my recent observations. This first post will be comparatively short, but later on I’ll likely have more to mull over.


DNC Emails


Obviously the media refrain, on the subject of the wikileaks email dump, that Trump is somehow Putin’s lapdog is a weak attempt at turning focus away from the damning implications of said emails. It doesn’t matter how they saw the light of day. What matters is the content. Just because a guy you don’t like turned on the lights does not distract from the myriad of rats and cockroaches running for cover after the switch is flipped.

That being said, if this is a Russian operation, then it is genius. How sad is it that the only thing Russia has to do to weaken American’s trust in their leaders is to simply show us the truth about them? Currently, as far as a battle for transparency goes, the enemy of the average American citizen’s enemy appears to be Vladimir Putin. Of course at this point one is supposed to become incensed at Russia’s meddling in our election process. Not really. As someone who wants all the bums out, I say bring it on Vlad and make them squirm.

A Thought on Trump’s Appeal


Two thoughts actually. The first has to do with basic mathematics. Many Americans are angry about where our politics has been going for about 20 years now. Just look at the huge support for fundamentally different sorts of candidates this year. Trump has a distinct advantage over Clinton in that every year someone has been in politics during this time of malaise and discontent is actually a -1 in their ledger. The claims that Trump has no experience in politics actually becomes, while not a positive, a lack of a negative. In other words: as far as being part of a corrupt and obfuscating political machine it is Trump 0 and Hillary -20. This is a politics of negatives this election cycle, and Hillary’s extended time in politics actually works against her.

Second observation: Trump appeals to a basic human caveman demand for the big guy with the club who knows he is just that. Trump’s big sell is that he is a winner. Like Babe Ruth he is calling his home runs. So far he won the primary, and then he got a sizeable bump after the RNC. Hero or anti-hero, human beings like a guy who calls the shots (especially against the odds) and then nails it. So far there is no evidence Trump is a “loser” in this election process, and until then he will appeal to that basic id demand.


The White House Built by Slaves


Is it just me or are “progressives” the least progressive political element in America? No matter how many steps they take forward, they can’t help dredging up the past. Michelle Obama certainly did that in her DNC speech with that choice line. I think there is one big reason why progressives choose to do this. In their paradigm of human advancement, our social evolution advances to be better and better over time as we are more awakened as a global population and as a species. There is a hard way to do this and an easy way. The hard way is to improve everything in society in some undeniably objective manner which provides evidence of our advancement due to liberal principles. The easy way is to shit on history and pigeon-hole our past into a bunch of terrible mistakes. After all, the worse we were then, the better we are now by comparison. Ironically, this method of validating progressivism is the exact opposite of what early progressives wanted, and it collapses into a sad tit-for-tat game of historical “gotcha” that gets nobody anywhere. Sadly, in this new political climate, history is drawn in crayon, and we have to endure the meager food of comparisons between Trump and Hitler and Obama with Abraham Lincoln. Yet people still wonder why our national discourse is so stunted

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